Stag Photos 2013 – Oakgrove Hatch Lines

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Oakgrove Hatch Lines

These are some of the progenies of OAKLEY, our Oakgrove Hatch line.  We have a trio of these hatches – a Yellow Legged Peacomb Broodcock, a green legged peacomb hen and a green legged straight comb hen.  We bred them pure and also throw very good crosses with other bloodlines.

Both pure and crossed stags mature early at 5 months old and not one ran away when hurt at the first sparring even if pitted to older stags. At 7 months, we spar them with cocks and they are not intimidated.  They are deep game and very focused to demolish the opponent as if they are programmed to kill from day 1. They are so game they have the tendency to become manfighters if not handled properly. An all around fighter, they are very hard hitter both in the air and on the ground.   These are very good base blood for hatches some of them even show the fighting style of kelso and sweaters from time to time.


Oakgrove Yellow Legged Hatch Broodcock

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Oakgrove Yelllow Legged Hatch Broodstag for Sale


This is the full brother of 2 other Oakgrove stags that were sold at  This is the progeny of our Oakgrove YLH Broodcock over our peacomb green legged Oakgrove hen.

  • 9 months old going 10
  • Dirty Yellow leg high station pencil feet
  • Red fiery eyes deep game
  • Good body conformation and confirmation
  • Strong deliberate body puncher
  • Sa mga mahilig sa senyal, pitong bakod po ito at bastonero daw sabi ng matatanda

Please contact us if interested.

Thank you.


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