The CaRaBlades

About this Signature Line

CaRaBlades is one of our latest creation that we started to breed intently in late 2016 for 2017 stag derbies. This line is a 3-way cross. It is a combination of our GreyBlades, RedNecks and Karachi lines. The name is derived from the 3 bloodlines Carol (Ca), Karachi (Ra) and GreyBlade (Blade).

Their winning record dates back to 2014 when our first CaRaBlade won in the local stag derby and eventually won again at the Bakbakan National Stag Derby Elimination. Yearly since then the same line is winning both in our hands as well as our customers.

It was only in 2016 when I started to notice their winning streak when Pogi, CaRaBlade broodcock, won unscratched and in fastest kill fashion.  At that time, all stags in this line are still undisputed for 10 consecutive fights (no loss record). So we started to breed the line again that same year for 2017 stag derbies using Pogi as the main broodcock.

We fought Pogi’s sons and they won again in the 2017 stag derbies including our first win at Araneta.  We have 1 draw but we lost a bullstag in the during bullstagan 2018 after winning 1x. Those who got our CaRaBlades for 2017 won too although there’s 1 loss recorded in one of them.

On our side, we have not lost still in the stag fights in their first fight.  As of this writing, the CaRaBlade fight tally is 20 Wins, 2 Losses and 1 Draw or an 89% winning percentage.