We are a small to midsize gamefowl farm in the Philippines.  We breed and raise our own lines based from seedfowls we bought in the past from local and US breeders.  We are mainly stag fighters and breed fowls for the national and local stag derbies.

Since we produce less than 200 stags per season, we can call our fowls by name. We also name the breed that we proudly made in the farm as our signature lines such as but not limited to  The CaRaBlades, GreyBlades, Zombies, KobeDoms and Peppers.

We have no farm extension or annexes anywhere as of this time.

Signature Lines

We are proud of our own creation.  While breeding winning fowls may be an accident, our conscious effort to bring out the best in our available bloodline is the cornerstone of our breeding program.

We do not claim to have the best fowls in the Philippines.  There are many other great and legendary breeders of our time that you can get fowls from.  But our breeding program is simple – to create our own bloodline that can win in the toughest competition in the country.

Like many other breeders, our quest to breed the best is forever.  We will not be complacent in every win.  We will continue to improve our own lines.

Bangis Labs

We have endeavoured into creating new and exciting products for the gamefowl industry.  We have developed and created our own conditioning pills for fighters that we use ourselves on our own fights.  We are also developing supplements for  stags, hens and broodcocks.  We test and we share the results with our followers in real time.

We only share these products to a select group of Sabungeros who follow and believe in us.  We will continue to create new product lines that will help even the smallest Sabungeros and backyard breeders have the confidence to compete in the toughest competition in the country.